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What You don’t know about Lerik

Lerik is located high in the Talysh mountains which is one of the most beautiful corners of Azerbaijan . The Region’s population is 74,400 people, the regional center is Lerik city. A stunning landscape, clean mountain air with the balm of woods, springs, rivers, fertile soil which leads to long-lived residents of the region . Carpet weaving of folk art forms, production of various domestic wares, as well as pottery was developed in the region. An interesting feature of the local carpet weaving is that the carpets are woven not on a vertical loom but on horizontal one, laid out right on the floor.

Lerik - is a district in the the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Its administrative center is Lerik city.
Lerik district was established on August 8, 1930 and was named the Zuvand region until 1938.
The area of Lerik region is the one of the oldest settlement. Since ancient times the primitive people were used natural caves in the foothills of the mountains which is available as a settlement now. Some of the natural caves of this places are supposed to be related to earlier in the Bronze Age. Prominent archaeologist Hummel referred the caves to as belonging to the Neolithic (New Stone Age ). Here in the mountains cultural monuments belonged III-II millennium are available.
The relief
The regions territory is surrounded by Talish Mountains. It borders on the west and south-west with Yardimli Dist., on the the north-east with Lankaran Dist., on the north-west with Masalli Dist., on the south-east with Astara Dist. Talish mountain ranges strech along the border with the Islamic Republic of Iran,in the north Pestashar and Buravar mountain ranges stretch. Zuvand (Diabar) trough is located between Talus and Peshtasar ranges. The tallest peaks of Talysh Mountains are Kemur-Gey (2492 m) and Gizyurdu (2433 m). Basically It was based on volcanogenic-sedimentary rocks of the pallogen.
The vegetation of Lerik are mainly composed of mountain forest and bushes and sparse forest grass. Oak, hornbeam, beech, walnut, ironwood, moderate (nil) are in the majority in this forests.
In the woods and on the banks of Lerik rivers can be found foxes, jackals, wolves, bears, ducks, rabbits, wild cat, partridge, lark, quail and so on. animals,in the mountains and inaccessible part of the forest you can come across leopard.
Zuvand nature sanctuary (the reserve) are available in the Zuvand region.Here, the National Academy of Sciences’ “Botanical research center " examines the flora and fauna of the area. There is an area of 40.3 thousand hectares of forest cover.
A number of tourism and leisure entertainment centers have been built along the 56 km of the Lankaran-Lerik highway. "Relax", "Smile", "Woodman", "Aggol", "Paradis" and other tourism facilities are the such centers of tourism. Hotel offers the cottages, the rest homes, entertainment centers , restaurants and bars, sports facilities. In the tourism facilities, more than 600 people, including "Relax" in the center of the tourist resort created the conditions for the reception of more than 400 guests at the same time.

Distance: 298 km
Area: 1081.3 km2
Forest cover 39000 ha
Population: 79 496
Phone code: 00994 157

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